(Sequel to The Bears)
Science Fiction book
Recommended for age 16+ (more intimate scenes and even scarier!)


(Not available yet)


One year later, life in the small town has settled down and everyone feels safe and confident that the alien bears will never return. How wrong they are! Life for the Kirlianons is very unsettled as Creatus Chakrus gets even more ruthless and kills his own people to energize the Energy Chamber, but it is not enough and they must return to Earth and once again attempt to capture the Earthlings. This time they are even more devious and morph from bears into Earthlings and live in the small town, making themselves well known and liked, especially by Geoff. Janey is the only one to see through their disguise, but yet again Geoff won’t listen to her. He soon wishes he had when a baby goes missing and it is discovered that the bears have her and this time Janey’s singing can’t harm them. Now the town must find another way to rid themselves of the aliens, as well as rescuing the baby.





“Aurulus, are we going to make it in time? I don’t want to die, I want to tell my wife and children I love them,” wept Hematron.

“Don’t panic, Hematron, the citrine crystal is supercharged from the sun and it’s pushing the asterismor into overdrive. We’ll be back on Kirlianus in three minutes,” gasped Aurulus, as he pressed the connection to speak to Creatus Chakrus. Creatus Chakrus looked furious as he appeared on the screen. Aurulus trembled. “We are nearly home, Creatus Chakrus, may we fly in and use the Energy Chamber first?”

Creatus Chakrus had his hand on his chin and looked thoughtful as he paced around the room. After what seemed like an eternity to Aurulus, but in fact was only thirty seconds, he replied. “I am very displeased with all of you. I had found the perfect solution to our problem and you failed me.”

“Creatus Chakrus, please, have mercy, we tried, we really tried!” said Aurulus desperately. They would be landing in one minute he had to let them in the Energy Chamber first.

To his relief Creatus Chakrus spoke. “I have decided to be generous. You may use the Energy Chamber as soon as you land. You are all members of the Communication Chamber, so I may need you again.”

With this, Creatus Chakrus cut the connection to the spaceship. Phew! That was close, Aurulus,” said Rubicon. Sweat was pouring down his face, and dripping onto the green gunge that was rapidly spreading through his body as he weakened. “What would you have done if he had said no?”

“I wouldn’t have landed; I know exactly what our fate would have been.”

“The Crimsonites!” rasped Rubicon. He knew he was getting weaker and prayed he would make it to the Energy Chamber in time.

“Yes, death in the spaceship would be far less painful than the Negatron Chamber. Creatus Chakrus’s aura must have healed if he is allowing us to use the Energy Chamber first.”

“It’s not a trick is it?” Hematron said fearfully.

“No, Creatus Chakrus would not resort to trickery. If he said yes, then he means it. Get ready to fly straight to the Energy room, we are nearly there,” said Aurulus.

Rubicon barely had enough strength left to land the spaceship safely, but as soon as it touched down he had joined Aurulus and the rest of the crew in flying up to the door and with just minutes remaining they all flew out praying they would have enough time to be re-energised.

Phenora and Emion were waiting for the crew as they flew into the Energy Chamber Room. The door to the chamber was open so Aurulus flew straight in. Seconds later he came out re-energised and with a violet aura. The other members of the crew followed, much to the annoyance of those waiting in the queue.

“Just because they are members of the Communication Chamber, why should they go in before us?” said Remba, whose turn it was next, until they arrived.

“Creatus Chakrus’s orders, Remba, something went wrong on the mission. They must re-energise immediately or they will die within minutes,” Phenora shouted to him.

“Fair enough, they were trying to save us all,” Remba replied. Then realised what this meant. “Wait! Did you say something went wrong?” he said looking horrified. “That means we can’t fix the machine, we’ll all die, unless Creatus Chakrus thinks of another solution.”

The Kirlianons waiting in the queue started to panic, and pushed and shoved each other to try and get nearer the door to the chamber before it failed again.

“Stop pushing, and form an orderly line, or I’ll summon Creatus Chakrus,” shouted Phenora.

Everybody stopped and went back into a line, not wanting to risk the wrath of Creatus Chakrus, and perhaps being killed by the Crimsonites. At last Remba’s turn came. He breathed a sigh of relief as he jumped in and seconds later came out, with as he hoped a violet aura, but instead he’d been earthed and was now surrounded with a brown aura. He stood completely shocked as he looked at the aura around his hands. “This is not right! It’s not right at all! If I’d gone in before the members of the Communication Chamber, this would not have happened. It’s all their fault!”

Before he could say anything else, the Crimsonites marched in, having telepathically been summoned by Emion. He didn’t want to do this, but was under strict instructions from Creatus Chakrus to do so if anyone came out with a different coloured aura.

Remba trembled as Destructus Dargon approached him. “Nooooh!” he screamed. His eyes were wide open, horrified at what would happen next. Destructus Dargon grabbed him by the neck of his robe and pulled him towards the Negatron Chamber. “Please, Destructus Dargon, please kill me first! Please kill me anyhow you like. Just let me die before I go in the Negatron. Please don’t let me be tortured, I’m begging you!” he sobbed.

Destructus Dargon ignored him and threw him in the Negatron Chamber, shut the door and instructed Rubil to start the Negatron Chamber controls. Rubil grinned as he pressed the controls, listening to Remba’s screams as his aura was ripped to shreds. His grin turned to a sickening laugh as Remba’s screams became louder and blood splattered over the window when the cells in his body started dissolving. Then there was silence from Remba and a ‘BANG’ inside the Negatron Chamber as his body spontaneously combusted.

“Very entertaining,” smiled Destructus Dargon. “Call me if there are any more, it’s been a bit boring for a while with the Energy Chamber working correctly.” The Crimsonites marched out of the chamber laughing.

It was very quiet in the room now, except for the sobbing of Esora, who had just watched her husband die “Next,” shouted Phenora, “keep moving, jump in, Saphor.” Saphor nervously jumped in. Seconds later he came out and quickly looked at his aura. Relief was etched on his face as he saw the violet aura around his hands. The rest of the queue looked at each other and smiled; thankful the machine was working again. “It’s obviously only a temporary blip again. Perhaps we’ll manage without the Earthlings auras,” Phenora whispered quietly to Emion.