(Sequel to Anjoy – God’s Gifts) Science Fiction book

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Not all feathers are soft and send out comfort and warmth. Some are hard and spiky and can suffocate and kill.



Those who escaped from Planet Tirleen discover that not all feathers are soft and cuddly. Some fill you with pain and darkness!

On Planet Tirleen someone has survived and is desperately trying to rebuild the planet and fill it with light, but Beezildar is watching and has no intention of letting any light come back on. He wants to rule this planet because it is his ‘ace’ card and with it he can take over Heaven and finally have dominion of the entire universe. The survivor has a battle on their hands and must work hard to defeat Beezildar and his dark angels as they attempt to destroy the planet again.

On Planet Trefh the safe and happy energy is slowing disappearing and being replaced with anger and resentment. Who is filling it with dark thoughts? Will Doug and others be brave enough to use the portholes again to search and hopefully rescue the people who have mysteriously disappeared?



The man shivered in the freezing cold dark cave as he struggled to find the light. He’d never felt so alone and sad in all his life. His fingers touched the icy walls of the cave in an attempt to search for an opening, but so far all he’d found was feathers. The floor was thick with feathers, but instead of adding warmth to the cave and feeling soft for his bare feet to walk on, they somehow seemed to add to the coldness and felt hard and brittle and cut his feet.
He wiped the blood off his feet and licked his hand so desperate for food and drink, but all he had was his own blood to sustain him. This had kept him going for a month, yet at the same time it seemed to add to his loneliness and sadness. If only he knew where he was? If only he knew who he was? He knew he had a name, but for the life of him he’d didn’t know what it was.
“Stop it! Stop it!” he yelled as they tried to suffocate him once again. They knew what they were doing. This was just a game to them. They were just toying with him they didn’t want him to die, not yet anyhow!
The pain engulfed his whole body as darkness entered from top to toe and remained there. “Take it away! Take it away!” he yelled. “Oh, please take it away,” he sobbed.
The intensity of the pain increased and then slowly disappeared, and as it did, so more feathers covered his feet. It was getting harder and harder to walk through the cave. The feathers were now up to his waist and he struggled to wade through them. Now they not only cut his feet but also his legs and his waist. Everyday the pain increased and he felt weaker and weaker as he bled even more.
His blood was barely sustaining him now as he lost more than he could suck. He found himself praying for the end, he couldn’t carry on any longer, but even as he was praying he wondered if that was what he should be asking for. What if death was even worse than living?
He tried to push the feathers out of the way as he stumbled along. There had to be a way out of here. It couldn’t go on for ever. Where was the light? All he wanted was just a crack of light and he would find how to escape.
Suddenly he found himself in a well of feathers that reached his mouth. He panicked as he tried to breathe and frantically pushed them out, but slowly he sank deeper and deeper and then a strange thing happened. The air was different, he thought. The more he sank, the calmer he became and he realized the feathers had disappeared. He felt alive and there was no pain, or perhaps he wasn’t alive, perhaps he was dead! He continued to fall for quite a while, but it didn’t bother him anymore. Dead or alive, whatever it was, he was now free!

He landed with a bump on something soft and damp. He felt around but couldn’t make out where he was. The air smelt good here and there were noises. Lot’s of strange noises! He tried to open his eyes but the darkness was still there. Why was he still in darkness? He could feel that where it was that he was in the light. He could feel it on his face, the sun felt warm and good. So it must be light. So why couldn’t he see? Gently he felt around his eyes. He knew they were open, but he still couldn’t see, everything was still black. Had they taken his eyes away, or had the darkness blinded them, and most importantly of all where was he?
He heard footsteps coming towards him and panicked. What could he do? Was there any point in running? Were they friendly? The air felt good; surely anyone who lived here couldn’t be evil? He cringed as the footsteps got closer and closer.
“Don’t hurt me,” he pleaded.
“It’s, OK, traveller, we are a peaceful planet. It looks like you need help. You are covered in blood. Has someone hurt you?” said the voice.
“Yes, the feathers,” wept the man.
“Feathers!” said the voice. You could hear from the tone of his voice that he wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. “You look as if you’re having trouble seeing things. Can you see me?”
“No, everything is still in darkness.”
“Well give me your hand. I will help you. Please trust me. My name is Timi and you are on Planet Trehf. We welcome anyone friendly on our planet. What’s your name?”
“My name is... ...”