THE BEARS© (First in a series of five)
ISBN: 142410307X
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The Bears In The Forest Are Discovered To Be Aliens

How do you convince the town that the bears in the forest are in fact aliens and that when you sing they die, but only for thirty minutes when they return to life? These are the problems Janey Marling must overcome when spiritual aliens who need human auras to survive, land in the forest near her home in America, and the town foolishly ignore her. The truth is soon discovered when children are kidnapped by the ‘bears’ and the town set out to rescue them. They soon discover that brute force or bullets can’t harm the ‘bears’, and the horror now begins as they struggle to find a way to rid the town of the aliens.

Jill Divine’s second enjoyable book, The Bears (first in a series of five), is a science fiction novel with romance, humour, horror and the paranormal. It depicts how easily you too can become a ‘bear’ if you are in their company long enough!!


Life on the Planet Kirlianus is grim, their Aura Energy Chamber is weakening and no longer do they have spiritual auras but ones with different colours and energies. Soon their thoughts will change from spiritual to negative ones and the planet will die. Their leader Creatus Chakrus notices Earthlings in America with similar auras, so Aurulus and Rubicon lead the crew sent to capture them. Once landed they disguise themselves as bears to avoid being noticed, and unwittingly take on their aggressive energy. Life for the Marling family is settling down after the horrific car crash five years ago when John and Christine were killed. Their partners Steve and Janey have at last admitted their love for each other, but after a night together he loses her when the bears capture her. Janey escapes, and foolishly the town ignore her when told the bears are ‘aliens’. Now the terror begins.

I really enjoyed reading “The Bears,” It is a good mix, light hearted, with romance, and then almost the reverse with the introduction of the Bears. A bit like human nature – the best and the worst. A very good read that makes you think.Carol Green, Clairvoyant, Medium, as seen and heard on television and radio.

Humorous, romantic, action paced are just a few words to describe “The Bears.” Jill combines her knowledge of the auric field and the Chakra system with science fiction. Definitely a gripping read. Tracey-Jane ReesA.I.H.A.F., I.I.H.H.T, C.H.S.V.H, V.F.S.C.H Tutor

USA – YEAR 2004 WHAT’S THAT NOISE? Janey Marling struggled to pull the old petrol mower out of the shed. She had a portable CD unit clipped to the waist of her old trousers with the headphones on her head. The blouse she was wearing was so old that some of the buttons were either hanging off or undone and her bra was showing. Anyone who didn’t know her circumstances would say she looked a mess. She had a really pretty face but no longer cared what she looked like and just threw any old clothes on, and now always wore trousers. No one ever saw her pretty legs anymore, and the stilettos were all in boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe. She saw no point in dressing herself up these days, there was no one to admire her now.

She’d spent the last five years trying to get over John’s death and helping Steve bring Chris up. She cooked a lot of their meals and looked after Chris when school finished and sometimes he stayed all night.

Steve had reacted badly to Christine’s death. He missed her so much that he sometimes forgot he had a son to bring up. The rest of the family tried to help him as much as possible, but as the men all worked it was left to Josie and Janey to help look after Chris, whilst the men tried to help Steve through his anger and rage at the loss of his wife.

At first they were all relieved when two years after Christine’s death he’d announced he was joining a dating agency. At least he was out and socialising, but to Steve it was just a way to satisfy the physical side of life which he desperately missed.

Love didn’t come into it. His normal routine was to arrange a date in the city, persuade the lady to stay the night in a hotel with him and then never call her again. That way he was satisfied without getting involved with anyone. He couldn’t bear the thought of getting too close to anyone again and then losing them. As Steve was tall, handsome, and well built, he found it easy to get lots of dates and even easier to persuade them to spend the night with him!

Both he and Janey had gotten very close to each other over the last five years, but neither had taken it any further for fear of spoiling anything and hurting their children. Janey was ready for love again, especially with Steve, but as he seemed to prefer tall thin leggy women, which was something she wasn’t anymore, having put a few pounds on since John’s death, not too many, but just enough to make her slightly more rounded than before, she didn’t think it was worth letting him know how she really felt. She was thinking of him as she checked there was petrol in the mower, then wiped the sweat off her face, and unknown to her left oily marks all over it.

She really must pull herself together, she thought, as she switched the mower on and followed it across the grass. Steve would never fancy her so she had to stop thinking of him in that way. Just thinking about his body brought her out in a hot sweat. She quickly turned the CD on hoping some music would turn her attention away from his gorgeous muscular...JaneyMarling, she thought, stop this at once!

She turned the music up as loud as possible, anything to distract her thoughts. She swung the mower from side to side as she sang along, although as she was tone death no one else but Janey would call it singing. She was totally unaware of the fact that when she sang she made the most dreadful noise, and could never understand why the family made so many jokes about it. She loved to sing and so what if she didn’t know the words and just made them up!

At the moment she was bellowing along to the song, and as usual changing some of the words. Just in time she noticed the clump of daisies and avoided cutting them all. She loved daisies and always mowed around them leaving large areas uncut in the grass, much to Steve’s amusement.

This was hard work, she thought, as the sweat dripped down her face. She wiped it off with her hands then dried them on her blouse, leaving more grubby marks everywhere. She switched the mower off and surveyed the lawn. That would do until next week. The kids would be back from school soon and she wanted to bake some more muffins for their lunch boxes tomorrow. They’d probably demolish what was in the kitchen as soon as they came home, starving as usual. Thirteen year olds could certainly eat! She picked a few daisies on her way to the seat and then plonked them in her glass of water on the table whilst she sat down to rest. She’d just taken the CD unit off when Steve appeared through the gardens and joined her.

“I wondered what that noise was?” he said grinning at her.

“I was moving the lawn.”

“No, not that,” said Steve, “that awful noise - your singing!”

Janey flashed her eyes at him, “Well, I was going to make you some coffee,” she said indignantly, “but I’m not so sure I will now.”

“Coffee would be lovely, Janey dear, and whilst you are making it I’ll finish mowing the lawn for you.”

“I’ve just mowed it, what on earth are you on about?” “You’ve left all these weeds,” he said, pointing to the daisy patches. “They’re not weeds, they are flowers, and don’t you dare cut them I like them left in the lawn.”

Steve shook his head, he loved Janey to bits but she was a bit daft sometimes! He’d known her for over twenty years now and remembered how stunning she was when the pair of them had relocated from their firm in England to work in New York. It was there that she’d met John Marling, and he’d introduced him to his sister Christine, and the rest was history, he thought sadly.

It was strange how, like John, Steve too was adamant he’d never join Marlings the logging company owned by the family. Geoff was excused as he joined the police force, but Mike had always worked there. Then when their father Gregg Marling died, Geoff “persuaded” John, and him, as he was by then married to Christine and considered a Marling that they should help out at the company to keep it going as Mike was struggling on his own. So John and he had reluctantly left their cushy office jobs and found out what working for a living really meant.

The logging company was hard physical labour and he and John had to get stuck in, as Geoff had then got the position of sheriff in their town so would pop in at all times of the day to see if they were pulling their weight. It used to infuriate Mike as he was supposed to be in charge of the company, but Geoff considered himself head of the Marlings so he thought that included the company as well! Mark, Janey’s brother, visited her several times when she married John and soon fell in love with Josie an extremely sexy cousin of the Marlings. No sooner than they were married than the factory had another “willing” recruit. Poor Mark didn’t know what had hit him at first. He too was used to a comfortable office job. Now though they all took it in their stride and the one advantage of the job was the muscles they acquired. It certainly attracted women, he thought!

As Steve continued to stare at her, Janey could feel herself blushing so decided to make the coffee. Her heart jumped several beats as she got up and Steve jumped out of his seat and pushed her down again. “What’s the matter?” she said.

Steve took a tissue out of his pocket, held her face gently in his hands and wiped the dirty marks off it. “That’s better, now I can see your pretty face.”

Janey blushed even more as he smiled at her then sat back down. When he’d held her face she’d thought he was going to kiss her. It was a good job she hadn’t closed her eyes and moved to his lips, she thought. How embarrassing would that have been! She quickly picked her water up, forgetting about the daisies and took a big mouthful, daisies and all, then hastily spat them out and tried to ignore Steve’s hysterical laughter.

“Well, now you’ve killed them!” he said.

Thankfully, just in time to save her blushes, their children wheeled in on their bikes, jumped off and dumped them on the lawn then ran up to both of them giggling.

“What was that terrible noise, dad?” said Chris, as Robbie continued to giggle as he kissed his mother.

“Yes, we thought someone was killing a cat,” said Robbie, looking at his mother with a big grin.

“Actually, boys, I think it’s what Janey calls singing and we call it by many other names,” said Steve, now joining in with them as they had a fit of hysterics whilst Janey just glared at them not amused at all.

Robbie gave Janey a hug and smiled at her. He loved his mum to bits, just wished she wouldn’t sing, especially in public! “We’re going fishing, can we take some muffins with us?” he asked.

“Yes. I’ll be baking some more later, but bring some out for the two of us and make two coffees as well whilst you are in there.”

“OK, mum,” said Robbie.

“Oh, and both of you remember to take your mobiles with you this time, and switch them on,” Steve yelled after them.

Robbie and Chris raised their eyebrows. Parents did nag sometimes. They were only going fishing, what possible harm could come to them? They ran into the kitchen and Robbie shoved some instant coffee into two cups, but in his hurry to pack some food and get their fishing equipment he forgot to check the plug was in the wall when he switched the kettle on! Chris counted a few muffins out for Janey and Steve, checking they had enough to take fishing first and then decided they could do with a few more so pinched a few off the tray and rearranged them to make them look like a lot. He knew his dad liked them and ate as many as they did sometimes! He suddenly remembered he hadn’t put a cloth on the tray and knew Aunty Janey always did that, so threw the muffins off the tray, put the cloth on and hastily put the muffins back on, anxious to get to the river. Robbie poured the water into the coffee and wondered why it looked odd but he didn’t have time to worry about coffee, they had to get down to the river and see how many fish they could catch. Uncle Geoff had promised them a dollar each for every fish they caught. If they were lucky they could make a lot of extra money today.

They dumped their fishing gear outside the door then hurried over to Janey and Steve with their coffee and muffins, quickly kissed them both before collecting their equipment and rushing off.

“See you later,” they both shouted.

“Be back by seven,” Janey shouted after them.

“See you tomorrow,” said Chris waving to his dad, then when he was out of earshot mumbled to himself, “and I hope you have a horrible time.”

He was disgusted when Steve had joined the dating agency so soon after his mum had died and wondered how his dad could forget his mum so quickly. Steve told him that men had “needs” and when he was older he would understand about it, but he still hated his dad going out with these “tarts” as his Uncle Geoff called them.

They were well out of the way when Steve and Janey both picked their coffee up at the same time, grimaced as they took a mouthful and promptly spat it out.

“It’s cold!” they said in unison.

They both laughed as they threw the rest of the contents on the lawn. Janey picked the mugs up to get some hot coffee, but Steve decided he’d rather have an iced drink now. Anything as long as it wasn’t cold coffee!

He watched Janey as she carried the mugs into the house and wondered if they would ever see her in a dress again and wearing those stilettos that showed her sexy legs off. He knew he used to tease her about the way she dressed, but that was one thing he was always envious about of John. Christine was beautiful and had a stunning figure, but tended to wear sensible clothes even when they were married as she was still scared Geoff would tell her off for flaunting herself. Geoff liked to see Janey and Josie dressed up and showing their bodies, but not his little sister and no matter how hard Steve tried to persuade her, she always looked nice, but sensible.

He smiled as he recalled wiping Janey’s face. He’d been very tempted to kiss her and it would have been so easy to lean down and touch her lovely lips, but just in time he’d stopped himself. He mustn’t overstep the mark with her however much he really loved her, and he did love her, he knew that much. But what if she didn’t feel the same way too? That would have been so embarrassing.

He was still thinking of her lips when Janey appeared with the iced drinks. She had just put her glass down, but before she could give Steve his, he grabbed the hand she was holding it in and his eyes twinkled as he told her the top buttons on her blouse were undone and she was exposing herself. As Janey glanced down at her chest Steve let go of her hand, and without realizing it she turned her hand over and the contents of the glass went all over Steve’s thighs. He yelled as the ice cubes and drink ran down the inside of his thighs and a very private part of his body. Janey looked at his wet legs in horror. Quickly she pulled the cloth off the tray spilling the muffins everywhere and started dabbing and rubbing Steve’s thighs and groin up and down to dry it. All the time she was apologizing she hadn’t a clue what she was doing to Steve until it became quite obvious. Her face was the colour of beetroot as she stopped and looked at Steve.

“Don’t stop,” he said, “you were doing a good job there!”

Janey put the cloth in his hand. “I think you’d better finish drying yourself.”

“Spoilsport,” he said, grinning as he got up. “I’ll go and get changed then I’ll take you to Scotties. At least we’ll get a drink there,” he said, winking at her and leaving her even more embarrassed if that was at all possible.

Janey didn’t know if she was going to die with embarrassment or sheer pleasure at the thought of how much she’d aroused Steve by touching him. Perhaps he did like her. Oh don’t be silly, she thought, anyman would react like that if you were rubbing his thighs!

She was just thinking how long it was since she’d touched a man’s thighs so intimately when Josie walked through the garden. As Steve lived one side of her and Josie and Mark next to him, they could all just pop through the gardens to visit whenever they wanted to. She adored her older brother Mark, so was over the moon when he married John’s cousin Josie. She liked Josie and she and Mark were well suited. It was a pity they’d not had a child yet, although it wasn’t for a want of trying, and she knew better than to visit as soon as Mark came home from work because he’d be otherwise occupied for quite a while!

“We’re just going to Scotties for coffee, fancy joining us?” Josie said, wondering why Janey was so red in the face.

Steve’s taking me when he’s changed into dry clothes.”

Josie looked puzzled. What had been going on here that Steve needed to change into dry clothes? Mind you Janey was rather red in the face. She wondered, or rather hoped, it was something that involved the two of them finally getting involved. All the family, except for Steve and Janey, could see how much they loved each other and were all dying for one to make the first move. It would be wonderful if that was what had just happened. She looked at Janey waiting for the explanation. Janey blushed as she told her what had actually happened.

“Wow!” Josie said, “I bet he liked that, you should have carried on you never know where it might have led to.”

“Josie!” Janey said, shocked at this suggestion.

“You two need to sort yourselves out, when are you both going to realise how much you like each other?”

“Now, Josie, you know I am not the type of girl he’d date.” “Well I think he’d like to,” said Josie, walking away. “See you at Scotties. Oh and by the way, Janey, your buttons are still undone!” Mark was waiting for his wife in their car, chuckling to himself.

“What’s amused you then?” she said.

“I’ve just seen Steve with the biggest grin on his face. Apparently our Janey spilt iced drink all over the top of his legs and was wiping them completely unaware of what she was doing. I would definitely say he enjoyed it,” said Mark, still chuckling at the thought of his sister doing that to Steve.

“Well I’ve just left Janey and she is still blushing at the thought of what she has done,” said Josie. “We must do something about those two,” said Mark, before driving off. Now Janey was on her own she decided to put the headphones back on whilst she waited for Steve to return. The music was on as high as possible and she was screeching, or as she thought singing, so loudly that she was completely unaware that some bears were coming up behind her.

The Kirlianons had landed in the forest, disguised themselves as bears and were now hoping to capture Janey. As they were getting nearer ready to grab Janey from behind she suddenly started singing. The bears stopped in their tracks. What was that awful noise? Suddenly they realised it was affecting their very sensitive ears and violently unbalancing their aura, it was such a negative noise.

“NO! NO! They all screamed.”

Unfortunately Janey couldn’t hear them talking with her earphones on, or else she may have realized the danger she was in. The bears rocked from side to side with their hands over their ears trying to block the noise out, but it was too late, their aura went into its defence mode which happened if attacked and the Crimsonites weren’t around to protect them. Dark brown gunge poured out of their heads, and then their whole body became a gungey mess and disappeared into the earth.

This left behind a really disgusting rotting flesh smell that made you violently ill. Their enemies would quickly flee thinking the Kirlianons were dead, so did not see them regenerate and return to life after thirty minutes. Although after this happened the Kirlianons needed to completely energise their aura in the Energy Chamber before they really did die. The rotting flesh smell now hit Janey’s nostrils. She heaved and turned to see what was causing it but there nothing to see. She pulled her headphones off and jumped up to run away, but didn’t get very far as suddenly the smell hit her stomach. It was revolting, her stomach churned and churned, she couldn’t move and vomited continuously all over herself and all over the floor, she had never felt so bad in all her life. The smell disappeared as quickly as it came, and as her stomach calmed down, Janey was able to stop vomiting. Very shakily she sat down on the chair and hastily swallowed her iced drink to recover. Five minutes later she was still shaking when Steve reappeared with dry clothes on. He stared at Janey, wondering what had happened, and why she’d been so ill.

“Whatever’s been going on, Janey, are you ill?” he said, keeping his distance, because the smell was so bad, yet desperately wanting to rush up and hug her.

Janey looked up, grateful she wasn’t alone anymore. “This awful smell just appeared. It was absolutely disgusting. Just like rotting flesh.” She pointed behind her to show him where it was. “It was just behind me, go and smell it, you see how bad it was.”

Steve kept his distance as he walked behind and sniffed around. He couldn’t smell anything. He hoped nothing was wrong with Janey. “The only thing I can smell is vomit, Janey, from you, nothing else. It must be those daisies you ate; perhaps you’ve sprayed them with weed killer.”

Janey glared, “you know I don’t use weed killer. There really was an awful smell behind me. You must be able to smell it.”

“There’s nothing there, Janey,” he said walking away.

Janey was just thinking that it wasn’t like Steve to be so uncaring and leave her alone when she was ill, when he reappeared with the garden hose in his hand. He turned it on full blast and aimed it at her. She yelled as the cold water hit her, then carried on screaming and trying to duck as he continued to hose her down until she was soaking wet but no longer covered in vomit.

“Now you smell better,” he grinned, as he turned the hose off.

Janey shivered as the water dripped off her, then wondered what Steve was up to next as he grabbed the cloth off the table. To her surprise he proceeded to dab at her chest, just as she’d done to his thighs, grinning at her all the time.

Janey didn’t know what to do, was he teasing her or what? She didn’t want to jump to the wrong conclusion and take it further if he was only teasing. She grabbed the cloth off him saying she was going inside to get dry clothes on. As she hurried to the house Steve’s laughter was ringing in her ears and she wondered what he meant as he shouted after her, “you’re a terrible spoilsport today, Janey.”