2nd Edition, previously published as "Anjoy - God's Gifts"

ISBN: 978-1-291-12794-2

 (First of a trilogy)

Recommended 12+



“1984 meets THE WAR OF THE WORLDS”

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 ‘Zut the Leader of Planet Tirleen subliminally controls everyone. They are led to believe that not only are they the only planet surviving, but also that God does not exist, so God sends them some gifts to prove his existence. Twenty five children who died twelve years ago now live, but his children are a threat to Zut, and he imprisons them. Now God’s Gifts need rescuing and unless the angels can seek help from other planets then God’s gifts will die, because the dark angels are starting to arrive to gather all the negative energy Zut has created and are slowly suffocating them.’

 Jill Divine’s first science fiction book, “Zut” shows what happens if we allow our positive energy to disappear and let others negative energy control us with their pain and fear. Set in the year 3030 Zut is a metaphor for hope, despair and the resurrection of a new and happier world for all of us.

 Reviews and Chapter of the book below:

 Uri Geller known for using mass psychology to bend spoons and forks in front of worldwide TV reviewed Zut:-  

Jill Divine’s “Zut” is a tremendous read, it is almost prophetic in nature and very real, there is a powerful message and a profound one too in the enjoyable story line. It could easily become a fantastic film.”

 Anne Brodie – Celebrity reporter Canada/America    

British science fiction writer Jill Divine throws out some fascinating ideas in a story of a high-tech autocracy in the year 3030. Divine has created her own ‘future-speak’ vocabulary to define her fictitious society, and a powerful imagination to color it. ‘Zut seems tailor made for young fantasy fans and gamers. Divine’s technological explorations are remarkable, and she has a vivid imagination and fascination with the future. The story is meant to be inspirational; after all, we enjoy personal and religious freedoms unheard of in some societies, past, present and maybe, in the future.

Sandy Gauci – Australian book club

Jill’s style of writing keeps you reading page after page. Giving us, as readers, hope that justice will prevail. Her accuracy in portraying the archangels and bringing a reality to their characters leads us to question what is real and what isn’t. This fresh approach allowed me to believe and become swept up in the moment. It became a vivid scene being acted out in front of me. When it ended, I was both elated and sad. For that world now only existed on the written page. If you need some comfort or strength, then this is a book you need to have. It delivers that and more

 Sandra Prowse, writer

I loved reading this book. I read a few chapters each night and was quite disappointed when I came to the end and there was nothing left to look forward to. Jill certainly kept the pace up so that I wanted to read on, and built up the tension about when the plot to free everyone from the Living Tubes would be discovered. Her imagination is remarkable – I like the idea of living rock and the way the rescuers could pass through it by the power of their minds.

 Carol Green, Clairvoyant medium

I found Zut a thoroughly good read and was unable to put it down and wished to know when the follow up would be ready as I couldn’t wait to see what happened to the children and their rescuers..

 Laura Bleakley, student

A truly fascinating and thought provoking read. I couldn’t put it down.

 David Burke, student

Sensational - really enjoyed the lens game played by Ashtez. Can’t wait for the follow up.



Chapter 2 



            “Don’t forget to visit wizend Edril after school,” Viola shouted, as Ashtez and Hurlen were leaving to catch the flier to the cerebrumadrome.

            “Do we have to?” said Ashtez groaning. “She’s at least two hundred and always moaning about how she used to attend church at Christmas and it should be about giving not receiving,” Ashtez moaned.

            “She is not that old. One hundred and fifteen is quite young and just be respectful to her, remember she’s your wizend,” their mother shouted after them.


            The flier was crowded but Hurlen quickly found some empty seats for the two of them. Ashtez made herself comfortable and tuned her contact gaming lenses in and instructed her brain to play. “Yuck, having to visit smelly old wizend. If she gave us a present, I’m sure she’d receive a thank you,” she said screaming with laughter to her brother. She thought this remark was so funny that whilst she was having hysterics laughing at herself, she dislodged her right gaming lens which sent the game all blurry in front of her eyes and made her feel quite dizzy. She licked her finger and stuck the gaming lens back in place and continued to battle with the robot wires.

            “How do you get past that orange and black ziggy wire, that’s attached to their eye to get into their brain?” said Hurlen, who looked as if he was staring into space, but along with all the other children on the flier was concentrating on the game they were playing on their lens.

            “Visualize another one attached to it, and it will confuse the robot, then you can jump into their brain,” she replied, whilst trying not to lose her concentration.

She was almost in the middle of the robot’s brain which meant she only had a short way to go to the spinal wires and once there she could laser them and collapse the robot all together, making her the winner, yet again.

            She was glad that she’d opted out of this year’s Giving Play, as all that galiquon gave you a violent headache the next day. It was bad enough having to spend sixty wixons at cerebrumadrome every single day until they were twenty five, but when you had a thumping headache it just got worse when they attached the lead to the fourth lobe of your cerebrum and it was filled with that day’s knowledge and learning.

            She was looking forward to today because the last wixon was gaming time. This was why she and all the other children were staring into space as they travelled today. They had all brought their gaming lens with them ready to go head to head with the hidden robot lens. This was a treat for them as it was nearly Given and they would have one day off cerebrumadrome. Absolute bliss, she thought, she could spend all day gaming and hoped her hinting for the twelve latest gaming lenses had been heard by her parents. She wanted to go through all of them before Given day ended and it was back to cerebrumadrome.

She was confident she was going to find the hidden robot lens today and get into its brain and sever its spinal cord. No one had found its new hiding place for years, but she had been using her wire knowledge and felt sure it was hidden in the middle of the pons varolein which was located at the base of the cerebrumadrome’s energy wire.

Their Leader had obviously thought he was very clever hiding the hidden robot lens in the middle of the place that taught them every day. Everyone normally hunted around the walls, the floor and the ceiling, thinking it was bound to be hiding somewhere in one of those places. Well she’d finally caught him out. She would show him that she was as intelligent as he was and perhaps he’d remember her name when it was time for her to join the Planet Force when she was twenty five years old.

She was hoping to be a Searcher, but only the most intelligent of the Tirleen’s race became Searchers. It involved going off for long periods in spaceships and hunting for other races and planets. Zut was not convinced that every planet and race had died out, so the Searcher’s job was to find any other life form and bring it back to Tirleen so that he could clone it. She desperately wanted to be the first person to find the life form but it was another thirteen years before she was twenty five and joined the Planet Force. She hoped no one found any before she reached that age, plus she had to prove how clever she was before then to Zut so that he would remember her. She must find the hidden gaming lens today!

It was a pity that God did not exist, she thought. Then perhaps one of these prayers the stories talked about could be used and would find the hidden gaming lens for her. But of course as he was only a character in a fairy tale it would be no use praying to him anyhow, because it wouldn’t be heard. She hoped that their wizend didn’t start whining on about remembering what Given really meant and trying to get her to go to one of her secret Faith meetings. Ashtez was terrified that the Spirit Master would find out that their wizend was a Faith Believer and went to Faith meetings. It could affect her whole future. Zut would never give her the position of Searcher if he knew one of their family was a Faith Believer.

She was also a little worried that Viola, their mother had been persuaded to attend some of these meetings. She seemed to keep sneaking off and was very secretative about where she was going. Dad didn’t know where she went, and thankfully he hated Faith Believers, so he certainly hadn’t been persuaded by the wizend to go and he would be very cross with Viola if he found out that she had been to any too.


            The flier stopped in the middle of the cerebrumadrome and everyone was teleported and placed onto their seats, and then the leads came down and plugged straight into the fourth lobe of all the children’s cerebrum. This was the centre of all their learning, and information was sent straight down the leads and into the wires of their brain. What information they received depended upon how old they were and what information they had to receive that day.

            Everyone attended cerebrumadrome from the first day of their birth to the age of twenty five, and depending on their age, only received the strength of information that their brain was able to tolerate. The information was fed into all the wires and neurons and made it impossible for your mind to wander, or if it did, you were given a jolt to bring you back into the learning state.

Ashtez was so excited about finding the hidden robot lens that she allowed her mind to wander several times as she visualized how she was going to get into the pons varolein, so she received several jolts which made her brain ache like mad. She really must not let her brain wander, she needed to concentrate as hard as possible to win today and she didn’t need a thumping headache that would only hinder her.

            Ashtez breathed a sigh of relief, as exactly fifty nine wixons later the lights went off all the leads leading into their brain. This was the signal for everyone to put their gaming lens in and start the hunt for the hidden robot lens. The air was full of

excitement as everyone hurried to put their lens in. This was a real treat and only happened once a year at Given, as it was Zut’s gift to all the children.

            The instance all the leads lit up again, everyone stared into space as they concentrated hard on finding the hidden robot lens. Ashtez went straight for the cerebrumadrome’s brain and quickly reached the grey wires, she couldn’t waste any time and had to find a way to the pons varolein as quickly as possible. She panicked as the grey wire shocked her and sent her lens all blurry. Phew! That was too close for comfort, she thought as she shook her head and regained her vision. She was only in the second lobe of the robot’s brain, she couldn’t get killed so early in the game.

As she travelled down the grey wire a thought popped into her head. Why was the grey wire attacking? The grey wire was normally peaceful and protected you from the vicious white wires. The robot brain must be on to her. He’d realised she knew where the lens was and was playing dirty to stop her. Wow! She was excited now, if it was a battle he wanted, then that was what he’d get.  The adrenaline pumped through her body as she cruised through all the wires. She was going to get that hidden lens however tough it was.

Suddenly she found herself battling with several gyri wires hidden in the folds of the robot’s brain. They had tried to take her thinking she wasn’t concentrating but she had been alert and waiting for them. As she severed the gyri wires a band of sylci wires surrounded her. She’d fallen into a fissure. Don’t panic, she kept telling herself. She could do it.

“Help,” she yelled out aloud, as she found herself spinning and going quite dizzy. She felt so sick it was difficult to concentrate. At the bottom of the fissure

she’d fallen into, was the jelly river surrounding the Island of Reilas and she was being whirled round and round it and turned from side to side, almost tipping over. She had to take control quickly because if they tipped her over, which was obviously what they were trying to do, she would drown in the jelly river. It was really hard to keep upright as she was tipped and turned around. Thank goodness one of her favourite gaming lens was Circuitry of the Blue Rapids. She was an expert at that and had been spun round the rapids of wire so many times that it was now getting boring and she was going to pass the lens onto Hurlen.

            Just pretend it’s the blue rapids she kept telling herself over and over again. Suddenly to her relief, she spotted an open wire leading to the cerebelter entrance. She leaned over and grabbed one of the red wires, then swung herself into the opening. This was much better all was quiet in here. She could compose herself and get her concentration back. The quietness was soothing and calming and Ashtez wondered why it was so quiet. The robot knew she was very near now. Why wasn’t he attacking? She only had to slide down the pitruitadrome tunnel and then she could jump into the pons varolein and quickly sever the wire surrounding it and win the game.

            The quietness became hypnotic and Ashtez found she was starting to blink and nearly dislodged the lens. She took a very deep breath and made herself concentrate again. Now she knew what he was doing. He was hypnotising her so that her brain stopped thinking and then he was going to jump in and sever her connection and beat her. Well she certainly wasn’t going to fall for that trick. She hadn’t come this far to lose as the last wire.

            A light appeared in front of her and she could see the top of the pitruitadrome tunnel. She grabbed a grey and purple wire and held on tightly as it slid down the tunnel. She let go at the bottom and as the pons varolein opened up, she dived in and before the robot lens could attack she severed the wires surrounding it. A feeling of elation flooded through her body. She’d done it! She’d won. She’d actually beaten the odds and not only found the hidden robot lens, but beaten it.

            The sound of cheering and clapping rang in her ears and Ashtez realized it was for her, but as she was basking in the glory, she found herself being teleported and then staring into their Leader’s smiling face.