That will positively help to change
Your life for the better
And help make

Written by Jill Divine

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Is your life a failure? Do you feel as if you’re struggling and getting nowhere, despite trying you’re hardest? Would you like to help guarantee success in all areas of your life? This book takes you back to school to learn a new ABC that can help to make everything in your life possible and nothing impossible.

Act positive. Believe positive. Cast off negativity.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Many people think they are positive, yet they still struggle and find it hard to achieve anything that they set out to do. Having been in this situation and finally discovered how energy, in particular positive energy really works I have set out to help others with my new ABC.

It is taught primary school style, with very simple lessons and with examples showing you what you have learnt, as well as some revision articles so that you don’t forget.

With your new ABC everything in life can become possible and nothing impossible.


Positive. Such a wonderful word for a start.
Once you become it, you open your heart.

Start by having a positive thought every day
In everything you do and whatever you say.
Try just saying the word, see how you feel.

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s no big deal.
Very important though if you want to survive.
Energizing your thoughts to feel positively alive.

How to See and Feel Energy

Having got this far and learnt the basic Positive Energy ABC, now let me tell you how you can see and feel both positive and negative energies so that you can understand your new ABC a little better.


Many people work and it is here that the different energies we give out with our thoughts, words, and actions, can make you love or hate your job. Le me take you in to two different offices, the first one is a joy to work in, whereas the second office will make you sad or fill you with rage.
If you constantly work in the second office, then I suggest you ask for a transfer before you completely suffocate, or explode!
(These examples are also experienced in everything you do in life, even if you don’t go out to work. Once you’ve visualized walking into both of these offices, you will see what I mean).


Let’s walk into the first office. As we open the door you can instantly feel the positive energy in the room. The air feels wonderful, it’s like being by the sea and you’re getting a whiff of fresh air. In this office people are laughing, joking, perhaps sharing good news, and also smiling. Because they feel so positive, their mind, body, and souls are working positively well. Everything that they do, or say today, will work really well.
Communications with people over the telephone will be easier because the other person will feel and respond positively to their positive energy. Any decisions that were previously causing problems will now be solved. Positive people can always find a way to the solution.
When you are positive:-


More importantly if you work in this office when you leave it, you take this positive energy away with you. You send it out to the people you meet going home. Even by simply smiling at them. They may have had a hard day, but your positive smile will be welcomed.
When you arrive home, you carry on sharing this positive energy with your family. You’ve brought that whiff of fresh air home with you. Even if you are tired and need to relax before you start making tea, or playing with the children, others will understand because they are in a positive mood, so will leave you to relax.
(You will understand this last sentence better after you’ve unfortunately left the next office).


Fasten your seatbelts because you’re now in for a bumpy ride! You are opening the door to the second office.
As soon as you open this door the energy hits you and you instinctively want to leave. You can cut the atmosphere with a knife. The air feels thick and suffocating. This room feels as if you are walking into thick black smoke, you can barely breathe because in this office everyone is moaning, groaning, arguing, or even shouting at each other.
How many times have you walked into this office? Your colleagues’ faces are frowning or full of woe and someone says something as simple as this:-
“I’ve had a terrible morning, the tube was full.”
“It’s pouring with rain. This weather is awful.”
“I’ve got a sore throat; I think I’ve got a cold coming.”

Because negative energy repels and you don’t want that energy, you want to give it straight back. So you will find yourself joining in with their woes and saying:-

“I got soaked in the rain too and now I’ve got a sore throat.”

All it takes is something as simple as moaning about how you feel and you will soon find the whole office sharing your symptoms and feeling too bad to work positively that day. The work will pile up as you struggle to work in this negative energy.
Even worse if someone is shouting and sends that anger to you, then you will find yourself instantly shouting or arguing back. If you have to work in this energy all day then all thoughts become difficult. Nothing seems to go right. In fact the day goes from bad to worse. Remember the energy in this office is like sitting in thick smoke, so you are unable to make any rational or even positive decisions, because your brain is being suffocated.
You will spend the day trying to give this negative energy back, because you don’t like how it feels.


Now, thankfully it’s time to go home. But because you are feeling so low and fed up, you still continue to give out this negative energy to everyone you meet. Oh, and of course all traffic lights will be on stop. The tube will be late or full. Everything will seem to be against you reaching home to relax.


Because in your negative mood you are expecting all of this to happen, and having sent that energy out, then of course that’s what will happen. When you expect something to happen, it does!
At last we reach home, and all you want to do is chill out, but the children or partner are anxiously waiting to greet you. What do you do?
REPEL them of course, by shouting, moaning, or arguing with them.
Now what happens?
They’ve received your negative energy and so they give it back to you.
Boy, are you feeling bad right now!
I’m sure you’d rather be working in the other office. Wouldn’t you?
So, if you can’t ask for a transfer, then let’s deal with your office and change the energy in it.