Pschological horror/drama
WGA 1146261
Written by Jill Divine

A group of people are invited to invest in a fast food company and find themselves imprisoned and being forced to play a game where only one person will survive. Who will live and who will die, and how far will they go to survive?

Brian is a paranoid schizophrenic who also has obsessive compulsive disorder and his life is controlled by fear of germs and the voices who tell him what to do. His wife Sandra used to be overweight, happy, and positive; until Brian took control of her life and her mind. Now is she thin, weak and terrified. She is delighted when he suddenly dies and takes pleasure in her freedom by eating whatever she likes and spending all of his money.

One year later she is invited to a presentation to invest in a fast food company, something Brian banned, so happily accepts. She finds herself in the company of Rock, Denise, Lauren and Bob; all think they’ll make a fast buck out of it. Sandra is annoyed to discover that Brian started the company and leaves before sampling the food that the rep Anita gives to the others. They soon discover it is drugged when hours later they wake up with all their belongings missing and imprisoned in the room.

Anita forces them at gunpoint to play a game called “Survive or Die” where only one person will live. Now the mind games begin and the group are controlled with fear and pain. They think it is just a sadistic sales technique, until Bob dies, and the others realize they have been hand picked by Brian, who is now controlling them from the grave, and the fight for survival begins as they discover they are the ‘fast food’. Rock and Denise manage to escape and learn that Anita was the survivor of the last game and only lives until someone wins this game, then she too ‘invests’ in the company.

As they are fleeing Denise gets shot and dies, and then they bump into Lauren, who they thought had died. She’s been given the chance to be the new sales rep and refuses to listen to Anita that it’s a short term contract! Rock and Anita desperately struggle to get free and in doing so Lauren gets shot. The name of this game is Survive or Die and they will survive whatever it costs!

WGA 1008707
Written by Jill Divine

A dark witch buried alive hundreds of years ago wreaks her revenge when she gets her spirit back and curses the beach. Now all she needs is more souls and once again darkness will rule the town. Warning – when the sand moves, run like hell!

Demona, a dark witch, was buried alive beneath the sand hundreds of years ago. Now her ancestors, Demonise and Demeck, also dark witches, want to bring her back to life, but souls are needed to make her human. Demonise’s daughter, Evilyn, who to her disgust is a white witch, becomes the first victim when she is lured to the beach and whirls down a vortex in the sand then disappears.

Demona has her spirit back, now all she needs is more innocent souls and once again she will live. She curses the beach and now it becomes alive at night with minute black scarabs that eat you alive, a giant sand hand that smashes you to a pulp, and tiny shells that your body disappears into. A young couple’s romantic date turns to horror when scarabs eat into their heads and brains and Demona gets their souls, along with others who walk the beach at night.

Demonise and Demeck realize that white witches are trying to stop Demona getting her soul back, so they lure Orben, a powerful white wizard, to the beach and with Demona’s help they are able to kill him. Teenager Zak is sat in the downs and witnesses it all, but before he can run he is caught by Demeck who blames him for all the gruesome murders, claiming he is a psychopath with cannibalistic tendencies

More souls are needed, so Demeck persuades a film crew to use the beach for their horror film, but they soon find themselves part of the horror and only the two cameramen survive. They seek out Sheila, a white witch, and with her help the dark witches are killed and parties are held on the beach once again, but would they feel so safe if they knew that more of Demona’s ancestors are buried around the town and possibly the beach? The sand ripples as we leave them.

Comedy Noir/Suspense
WGA 1096859
Written by Jill Divine

God has sloth and the universe is just a speck. Archangel Michael steps in and hastily finishes the job. Too hastily! Now the seven sins are in Heaven, and death and destruction on Earth. Can the Virtues save the world from the revolting angels before it becomes hell to live in?

The creation of the universe has stopped at a tiny speck. God has sloth and can’t be bothered to create anymore. The angels are fed up, they want people to look after, so they send Archangel Michael to sort God out. Unfortunately he gets so angry with God that he hastily finishes the creation of the universe himself.

In his haste the seven sins end up in Heaven and time is fast forwarded. History has been lost, including God’s son. God ignores all the chaos his angels are creating on Earth, and whilst Michael slays all atheists, Desiree robs banks and Angelico visits the ladies at night to satisfy his lust.

Three youths, Joe, Adam, and Eve, are blamed for all the people Michael has slain. They get their revenge by doing a deal with Beelzebub, the devil, and Michael ends up in hell as a fallen angel. Beelzebub now rules Earth as well as Hell, until the Virtues step in and remove all the sins from Heaven. With God back in control, Beelzebub’s flames soon start to sizzle as Heaven opens up and the flood pours down. God is now back in control and this time he creates the universe as it should be.

Romantic Comedy
WGA 1002873
Written by Jill Divine

Trumpets play and fireworks explode when gangster John kisses his soul mate Ginny. Now he wants to buy her the world, so suggests they marry wealthy partners then persuade them to ‘commit suicide’. But the tables are turned when their victims’ solicitors blackmail them, and the payment required is not money – but sex!

Small time gangster John, and his soul mate, Ginny, hear trumpets playing and see fireworks exploding every time they kiss. Now John wants to buy her the world and thinks he has the perfect scam to increase their wealth. He suggests to Ginny that they marry others, and then persuade them to ‘commit’ suicide. Unfortunately Ginny’s marriage to wealthy American, Carl Crawford, doesn’t go as planned, and so John looks for their next victim.

He marries Barbara Calder, a desperate widow, who to his horror has a passion for exotic pets, and on their wedding day he finds out her last four husbands all died within a few weeks of the marriage. John buys her a Mojave rattlesnake and warns her son David, who has a nasty habit of letting the pets out, not to mess with this one. Unfortunately the snake escapes and Barbara gets bitten and dies.

John and Ginny are now very wealthy, but then find that Wayne and Christine, their victims’ solicitors, are husband and wife, who having realized foul play has been committed, want their cut. It’s not money they want though – but sex! Freedom now becomes priceless. To gain their freedom and end the blackmail, John and Ginny need to steal the evidence against them from the office safe. Apart from a few broken limbs all goes well, and once again the trumpets play and the fireworks explode, until the sequel when CANNONS AND THUNDERBOLTS enter their lives.

Romantic Comedy/Noir
WGA 1002876
Written by Jill Divine

They think it is safe to settle and enjoy their money. Then they meet the neighbours. It’s the solicitors! More people are told their secret and want the same cut. Now cannons roar and thunderbolts crash. How do they get the trumpets and fireworks back? Murder of course!

Sequel to Trumpets and Fireworks set five years later. John and Ginny are now happily married with four year old twins Jackie and Lucy, and move to the house of their dreams. They then meet the neighbours. Evan, Christine, Wayne, and David Calder! Their fears increase when Evan tells them that having married Christine’s cousin he is now being blackmailed by Christine to keep quiet about his past life, and the payment required is of course sex.

Christine and Wayne demand the same payment from them, and soon they are joined by Grant the local sergeant, as well as David Calder. The only way out is murder, and David Calder commits ‘suicide’ first. Christine and Wayne’s deaths don’t go as planned though, and John and Ginny find themselves arrested for their murders and facing life in prison after Grant finds another note in Christine’s safe that implicates them.

Grant lies all through their trial and things are looking bad for them. Evan is their only hope and the only one who can get rid of Grant, thus saving them all. He suggests a relaxing fishing trip to Grant as he wants to try out some new bait he’s heard about. Their blood! Grant falls for it, hook, line and sinker, and allows Evan to ‘nick’ his wrist, but unfortunately Evan ‘sneezes’ and Grant’s wrists get slashed. He places a ‘suicide’ note next to the body in which Grant admits to all the murders, thus freeing John and Ginny, and once again the trumpets play and the fireworks explode.

Romantic Comedy
WGA 1002868
Written by Jill Divine

Richard loves Chloe and wants a baby, but Chloe doesn’t. Adam loves Averill and both are desperate for a baby. Why then does Chloe end up in bed with Adam and find she is pregnant and wondering whose baby it is?

Richard and Chloe enjoy their executive jobs, throwing parties and the good things in life. Adam, their neighbour and friend, is very attracted to Chloe and when he is drunk comes on very strong to her. They treat his behaviour as a joke as they both love each other so much.

Their world falls apart when a colleague’s baby makes Richard broody, and he is horrified to find that Chloe never intends to have a child. After a terrific row he walks out and she gets very drunk. Adam chooses this moment to apologize for his behaviour. In her drunken state Chloe thinks he is Richard and they make love. She realizes her mistake when Richard catches them, and in his anger wants to kill them.
Adam hides her in his Uncle Jordan’s fishing lodge, where she learns to ‘rough’ it and survive by fishing. She also finds out she is pregnant and wonders whose baby it is. Uncle Jordan is persuaded to be a ‘doctor’ to rid Richard of his anger. With his help, Richard realizes Chloe is innocent and looks for her. He finds her just in time as she attempts to drown herself. The shock sends her into labour and he has to deliver the baby. Now both realize how much they love each other.


Family Drama/fantasy
WGA 1004752
Written by Jill Divine

Two orphans wish for loving parents. One gets his wish; the other gets trapped by an evil wizard and transformed into a fairy. Only the Fairy Queen can help her, but she’s the wizard’s prisoner too and he’s slowly changing her into crystal.
A magical Christmas film where wishes do come true.

The small town wait to put their notes on the Christmas Wish Tree, all hope that this year theirs will be granted and that the Wish Fairy exists. Two young orphans, Ashley and Jeff, desperately wish for loving parents so that they no longer live with their awful foster parents the Trainers.

Down in the underworld Wizard Valstra has taken Queen Citreena prisoner and as she refuses to marry him, is slowly turning her into crystal. Her love Prince Zopi and the rest of her dell now dig crystals in the caves. Only she can save everyone, and before the wizard hides the crystal that will catch its next unsuspecting child to become the new Wish Fairy, she places a spell on it and frees Marcy the previous one, in the hope that she will save them.

Ashley is overjoyed when she finds the crystal, until she realizes she is a prisoner. She grants Jeff and Marcy their wishes, and Bonnie and Trevor become their loving parents. Jeff and Marcy search for Ashley but the wizard captures Marcy. Now Jeff races against time to finds the spell that will kill the wizard. He chants it just in time, saving them all, and Queen Citreena from becoming the Crystal Fairy. However the rejoicing only lasts one year, as we see in the sequel KING ZAXIE

Fantasy/Family Drama
WGA 1005852
Written by Jill Divine

An evil elf now rules the dell. He has imprisoned King Zopi and Queen Citreena in a tree trunk, and reversed all the wishes on the Christmas Wish Tree. The small town is in chaos, and Marcy has disappeared. Was it wise to wish NEVER to sit on top of the tree again?

Sequel to The Crystal Fairy. The dell celebrates King Zopi and Queen Citreena’s marriage. Everyone is happy except for Zaxie. He is jealous, he wants to be king. When he upsets the Queen’s loveable sister, Kissen, he is banished to the woods to calm down. Here he finds an old wand that he smashes into a tree and to his surprise frees Vena, Rolen and Nelfin, three elves who had been trapped inside a giant crystal by Wizard Valstra. He also finds the Magic Book of Spells.

Now King Zaxie rules the dell, and Zopi and Citreena find themselves trapped in a tree trunk. King Zaxie demands that Kissen be his queen and forces her to reverse all the wishes on the Christmas Wish Tree. Christine Grey finds the frogs in her garden now live in the home. Mrs. Pietra wants a friend for Sammy cat and gets all the strays in the neighbourhood. Worst of all Marcy wishes never to be the Wish Fairy again, but once again she sits on top of the tree!

Doo W. Der enlists the help of Ashley and Jeff. They must find every piece of crystal the elves were trapped in to save Zopi and Citreena. King Zaxie does his best to stop them, and changes Jeff, Trevor, Marcy and Vena into crystals hanging on a tree. This enrages Rolen and Nelfin who now help Doo. W. Der to rid the dell of Zaxie and free King Zopi and Queen Citreena. The King and Queen reverse all the spells and also grant Doo. W. Der his wish to be human so that he can stay with Marcy.


WGA 1030408
Written by Jill Divine

Paul Delgano is brutally murdered by his fiancée’s violent ex husband. Having just proposed to her, there is no way he is going to leave her - dead or not. Kate can still see and feel him. Can anyone persuade her that Paul is dead? If so will she let him go, and send him to the light, and will she have time before her ex gets her too?

Kate’s husband beats her up. She dreams of Paul Delgano, a famous actor who has set up a website with email, so she mails him. Paul loves her mail and she ends up telling him how violent Geoff is. He begs her to leave, but Geoff finds this email and his brutal beating puts her in hospital and him on the run.

On her discharge she contacts Paul and after many letters and phone calls they realize they are in love and arrange to finally meet. On their first date, their meal must wait as they end up making love instead. He leaves to arrange a romantic proposal, but bumps into Geoff, and although unseen to us, gets killed by him, Paul returns to propose to Kate. They stay with his sisters, Rosina and Lucy, whilst they arrange the wedding.

When Paul’s body is found in the river, Kate refuses to believe he is dead because she can still see and feel him. Clairvoyant, Mary, realizes it is hers and Paul’s love for each other that stops him going to the light, and tells Kate that unless she lets him go he will forever be a lost soul. Kate tearfully sends him to the light and now finds she is pregnant.

Movie goers get to choose which ending they wish to take home with them.
One – 3 year old baby Paul gets taken off by Geoff and held over a raging river as he taunts Kate, but Paul appears and saves him before pushing Geoff into the river.
Two – Kate, due to give birth, fancies a curry, but on the way home Geoff knifes her. The baby dies, and as Paul holds their child he waits for Kate to follow as the surgeons battle to save her life.

ROMANTIC COMEDY/NOIR/MUSICAL (also available as stage play)
WGA 1986715
Written by Jill Divine



Sleeping Beauty now swings in the sixties. But the wicked fairy gets her prince and she gets hooked by his evil brother who turns her into an ugly old hag. Can her handsome prince rescue her and return her to Beauty?

Bert King and his wife Queenie desperately want a child, and when Queenie rescues Croaker the magical frog, he grants them their wish. Emily, the beautiful Princess grows up in the sixties and wants to be a pop singer. King thinks she should settle down and be a typist, so she runs away to London.

Here, drug dealer Frank, and his Wicked Fairy sister Maggie, lure her into their charms. Luckily for the Princess, Good Fairy Queen Judith is on hand to rescue her. Emily joins up with two more Good Fairies, Beverly and Teresa, and they form a group. The Carnabies sing at Frank’s nightclub where Freddie the handsome Prince works. Freddie falls in love with Emily, but so does his evil twin Jack, (who looks nothing like him). The Good Fairy Queen has to work hard to make this pantomime follow its normal story, because the Wicked Fairy also loves the handsome Prince, and has a few magical tricks up her sleeve to make him love her.

Despite loathing Maggie and Frank, evil twin Jack helps them, so that Emily falls out of love with the handsome Prince. She ends up in prison on a drugs charge, and Freddie drugged and in bed with Maggie.

The handsome Prince marries the Wicked Fairy, and the beautiful Princess finds herself shackled to the evil prince who she must forever obey. No longer can she follow her dream.

Suddenly she finds herself sixty. The arrival of her bus pass and the news that Good Fairy Queen Judith is dying, tips her over the edge. With pills and potions she tries to take control of her life and Jack. He seeks the help of the Wicked Fairy and her brother, and Emily ends up drugged and in an almost permanent sleep. Freddie is held prisoner by the henchmen and can’t rescue her. But all good pantomimes must have a happy ending. Will Croaker and Good Fairy Queen Judith free Freddie so that he can rescue Emily? Or will Wicked Fairy Maggie kill Good Fairy Queen Judith and thus changing Sleeping Beauty for ever?

Songs written by Jill Divine, no music as yet composed for them.

WGA 1033179
Written by Jill Divine

Saint Paul of Tarsus has been dead for thousands of years. Now he’s back and healing the sick. Who will believe? Who will wonder? Who will say it’s not possible? The controversial true life story of trance medium Ray Brown.

Adapted from the autobiography ‘A Mere Grain of Sand’. Paul of Tarsus was born 2,000 years ago, and after seeing a vision of Jesus he became a Christian. After his death he chose to train as a ‘spiritual surgeon’ so that he could come back and heal by using someone else’s body. Ray Brown was chosen for this task before he was born, and from the age of five started having out of body experiences.

To Ray, and his mother Marcia, this was a disturbing experience, and they thought he was going mad. Thankfully, he was guided to people who helped him to train as a trance medium and healer, and prepare him for the time when Paul would use his body to perform spiritual surgery, and healing, on the sick. Along his journey he suffered many serious accidents, as well as two unhappy marriages. Finally Gillian entered his life, and with it came calmness and understanding as she assisted him and looked after Paul.

Ray/Paul’s healing and ‘miracles’ are much documented in newspapers all around the world, with testimonies from many famous people, including Sir John Mills who desperately needed healing so that he could continue with a vital one-man charity show. With their help, ‘the show did go on’. So this film follows the remarkable and still unfinished journey into the unknown of Ray and Gillian Brown - with Paul of Tarsus.